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About lawyers (advocates) in Sweden.
The Swedish National Bar Association decribes the advocate as follows:

The advocate is a highly educated legal adviser. Before he acquires the right to call himself an advocate he must have passed approximately five years of university studies, which lead to the BA of law. He must then acquire a minimum of five years of professional practice and have undergone a scrutiny for aptitude at the admission to the Bar.

The primary duty of the advocate is to safeguard the interests of his client that he has undertaken to assist.

The law imposes an obligation of secrecy on the advocate, in favour of his client.

The advocate is obliged to keep his client´s money in a bank, separated from his own financial means.

The advocate is subject to the disciplinary supervision of the Bar Associations diciplinary supervision and it´s control regarding i.a. accountancy and administration of founds.

The advocate has insurances at to the extent of the insurance conditions, protect the clients against economical damages caused by the advocate or his employees.


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