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CV - Résumé
CV - Résumé



Proposed for the position of

legal adviser and/or arbitrator in East-West arbitrations and dispute resolution

1. Family name:  Svahnström

2. First name: Sverre B:son

3. Date / place of birth: 3 July 1951, Paris, France

4. Nationality:  Swedish

5. Civil status: Married

6. Education (digest): 
Political Science, Institut des Sciences Politiques, Paris, France, 1971  
Russian language, University of Stockholm, 1976

Master of Laws, University of Stockholm, 1979
Soviet Business Law Course, Moscow, 1991

Russian Business Law Course, London, 1994

Special Seminar for East-West arbitrators, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Stockholm, 2003

7. Memberships:
Swedish Bar Association, 1985 - 

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, MCIArb, (London) 2003 -

Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats,1983 -

Lawyers Division of Swedish League of Jurists and Economists (member of the board since 1985, President 1995 - 2000)

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, 1986 -
The Federation of Private Enterprises (member of the board of the Täby branch, 2000, vice president 2003 - )

8. Carreer:
Founder and Partner of Lawfirm Svahnström, 1987 - 

Partner of Lawfirm Landahl Wistrand, 1996 - 1997

Partner of Lawfirm Nyström, 1985 - 1987

Associate lawyer in Lawfirm Nyström, 1981 - 1985

Law Clerk at Jakobsberg District Court, Stockholm County, 1980 - 1982

Law Clerk at The National Tax Board, Stockholm, 1979 - 1980

9. Professional:
I have a broad experience of general law practice since 1981. From the mid 1980's I started dedicating most of my professional time to legal matters relating to property in Spain, owned by foreigners.

From the late 1980's I have been working to a large extent with Swedish and International commercial and corporate law, especially Spanish and Russian.

My work with Russian matters and clients has i.a. consisted in
- barter transactions between Russian coal mine Company and Hungarian industrial group

- international arbitration in Budapest (representing Russian party) against privatised former State Importation Enterprise

- feasibility studies regarding forestry joint venture in north-western Russia

- development of Swedish food industry and retail business on the Kola Peninsula

- establishment of Swedish retail shop chain in St Petersburg

- contract analysis and implementation and litigation for Russian party (international arbitration) regarding multimillion dollar reconstruction of prestige building in the Moscow Kremlin

- establishment of business and shutting down of business in service and retail sector in Moscow

- litigation for Russian party (international arbitration) regarding export transactions and currency transactions with Western European company

- litigation for Bermuda/Swiss party (international arbitration) regarding construction works in Astana, Kazakhstan

- litigation for Russian party (international arbitration) against Italian party regarding termination of contract for delivery of equipment for food industry, and damages

- arbitrator (appointed by the Russian party) in international arbitration dispute between Russian party and American party regarding establishment and development of American fast food restaurants in Russia.

- challenge of Swedish and Ukrainian arbitral awards

- legal adviser to multinational Consortium in Kosovo for under a Contract with UNMIK regarding a financial viability study, environmental assessment and asset preservation within a mining and metallurgical group (Trepca)

- legal adviser to SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and the Government of Nicaragua regarding USD 50 million construction contract and resolution of dispute arising out of the contract
- general consultation regarding Spanish Law and Spanish and Latin American business conditions, as well as Russian Law and Russian business conditions

And, obviously, 20 years experience of litigation and legal procedure, including arbitration, in Sweden

10. Languages:
Swedish, English, Spanish, French and German (fluent in speech and writing)
Russian (good reading and hearing comprehension, fair in speech)

Italian and Portugese (good reading comprehension, fair hearing comprehension)

Polish (fair reading comprehension)

Danish (good reading and hearing comprehension)

11. Publications:
I have translated and distributed a printout (35 pages) the explanatory 60 chapter topics and 1.109 descriptive article topics of the new Russian Civil Code into Swedish. The translation constitutes a virtual "table of contents" of this modern legal Act. 

I have also translated parts of the articles of the Russian Civil Code and of the Joint Stock Companies Act into Swedish.

I have written a Spanish - Swedish and a Swedish - Spanish Dictionary for Law and Economy. The Spanish - Swedish dictionary has been published by Sweden's most prestigious publishing house for legal literature, Norstedts Juridik. The Swedish - Spanish dictionary has not yet been published.

Täby Centrum, 12 February 2003

Sverre B Svahnström

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